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Versace Resort (Bari): spring - summer 2022 collection.
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Atelier Emé: a collection in three moods for the bride 2021.
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Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

Blumarine new fall winter 2021/2022 collection in line with the style that has always distinguished it, dresses with ruffles, floral prints, bright colors, deep slits and silk fabrics.e novelty of this new collection a glittery silver butterfly applied. Elegance and style in the Blumarine fall winter 2021 collection.

Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

Glittery butterfly on the bodysuit: the novelty of the new autumn-winter collection by Blumarine

 Blumarine fall winter 2021/2022 collection. Floral and animalier prints embroidery and applications. Wool and faux fur to stay warm but in elegance on thin tulle dresses

Blumarine in the new fall winter 2021/2022 collection focuses on an eccentric and free woman and how to enhance these adjectives if not with colored garments with floral and animalier prints or with details such as embroidery and jewel applications? In the autumn winter collection of Blumarine there is no shortage of solid colors in which eccentricity is reached by significant details, such as a jewel button, a 3D workmanship. The flowers for Blumarine remain the most present protagonist in its collections and also for this autumn winter could not miss in its collection, blouse shirts and dresses and skirts are embellished with floral prints or flowers applied in 3D.


Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

Faux fur with showy and eccentric colors for the autumn winter 2021/2022 blumarine collection.

Monochrome or printed outerwear with collars, pockets and sleeves in eco leather and also cold wool cardigans in bright colors and inserts such as 3D roses, or the glittery logo are the testimonials for the new fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

Mini wool cardigans proposed in Blumarine's favorite color, pink, with floral print buttoned on the front with jewel buttons, highlight the female silhouette and her waistline. And for an extra touch of eccentricity a faux fur collar of a color that is in contrast with the cardigan

Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

 Mini cardigan with pink floral print forward buttons with blue neckline and faux fur for the blumarine autumn winter collection

There is no shortage in the fall winter 2021/2022 collection also more comfortable cardigans or blouses, from a simpler line always in wool whose particular star in the neck and pockets in eco fur.

Fur and flowers also on the short-sleeved wool sweaters with floral prints and with flowers applied in 3d that longer meshes with uncovered shoulders and fur along the neckline

But Blumarine also thinks of a woman who can show her seduction with the game of seeing and not seeing through blouses, satin shirts or dresses with transparencies. Fabrics such as silk with shaded pink or powder pink or through shirts with ruffles on the front or wrists the fall winter 2021/2022 collection give sensuality to the woman who wears it.

The dresses presented in the Blumarine fall winter 2021/2021 collection are designed for women who love to seduce but at the same time are romantic. Thin straps, v-neck on short dresses highlight the décolleté, worn with high slave sandals with ribbons that create a game of intertwining in the legs,

Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

tight asymmetrical short dress with embroidery at the edges for blumarine's autumn winter collection.

Adhesions and transparencies also for long and midi dresses for the fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

Knots on the shoulders, on tulle dresses that creates that game of the game of I see and do not see, ruffles on single-shoulder models and suspenders placed on the décolleté and at the waist,

Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

pink dress with tulle ruffles for the Blumarine fall winter 2021/2021 collection


 Blumarine fall winter 2021/2022 collection. Low-waisted trousers in light fabric or jeans model 80s.

Blumarine in the fall winter 2021/2022 collection presents black and white leather trousers, skinny model trousers that wrap the legs but for this new collection Blumarine focuses on a very accentuated flare and low waist, typical of the 80s whether they are five-pocket jeans, or thin fabric trousers. Blumarine proposes for autumn winter 

trousers that highlight the low-waisted female silhouette accompanied by wrapping tops under cardigan with fur collar with an interweaving of lamé threads 

animalier style low waist trousers with jewel button

Black floral prints with pink flowers accompanied by mini cardigans with central buttoning

Solid colors such as light blue, red, lilac and khaki

Blumarine: fall winter 2021/2022 collection.

Low-waisted blue leg blade trousers in the autumn winter collection 202172022 Blumarine

Blumarine romanticism and seduction in an autumn winter 2021/2022 collection that focuses on an intriguing, seductive and romantic woman a woman who shows and does not show, a collection where the color of the Blumarine maison returns pink, a collection that plays on ruffles, flower applications in three d and jewel buttons and but also on elephant's paw pants of the 80s

Then we just have to find out which Blumarine outfit can be part of our fall winter 2021/2022 wardrobe

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