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Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection.

Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection.

Gucci: Epilogue Collection signed a breaking point for the Tuscan brand, aimed to overcoming tabù that society imposes on fashion.


Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection.

News also in the presentation methods of the new garments proposed by maison Gucci presented the spring summer collection, on a mini series during the Gucci Fest, as an alternative to the fashion show: 7 episodes in 7 days avalable on you- tube, as a direct answer from the maison Gucci to the impossibility of organizing a fashion show. So, Gucci spring summer 2021 collection is visible a little at a time, scene after scene, episode after eposode.

“ Ouverture of something that never ended” it is the title itself that makes it clear how central time is for Gucci and impacts both on the method of presentation and on its content: collections out of time and seasons.

Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection. Silvia Calderoni wears in pastel shades and not else, the 70s are back, in the contemporary version.

In the mini- series the actress Silvia Calderoni, the protagosist, wears pastels 70s style dresses, flanked by dresses from previous Gucci collection, and worn by her friends.

Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection.

It is therefore easy to understand why the Epilogue Gucci collection is reconfirmed , with which the maison is detached from the time factor.

Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection.


The high-waisted flaredl trousers are the must of the Epilogue collection. The head scarf returns in referenc to the 70s, the glasses are oversized and offen they have clear lences, between light blue , pink and amber, bags are generally small and classic. 

Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection. Flared trousers in eco- substainable denim Gucci, timeless, for all seasons.

In the Gucci Epilogue collection, for spring summer 2021, 70s style meets contemporary thanks to organic jacquard denim by Gucci, almost to tell the story of the maison.

The denim garments of Gucci 2021 collection are in denim delavè , with an eco- substainable treatment and embellished with a touch of tailoring: the label “ Gucci quell’en sait la saison” that is “ Gucci for all seasons” invites you to leave the old fashion rules behind, in favor of timeless gartments and it reiterates that Gucci can always be worn not else for a season.

Gucci spring summer 2021: Epilogue Collection.

 Have you already chosen what gartment of the spring summer 2021 collection to wear?







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